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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Flexible posting of health related articles


This is a special message for all my followers and readers of All Species Nurse (ASN) websites that contain articles from collaborators, affiliates or free writing, journals and articles on relevant information on promotion of health and prevention of disease.

I like to encourage my readers to share what you are interested in on the ASN resource site. There are many people out there that, I'm pretty certain, are interested in learning what you have to share, as many of us identify with various conditions that affect our daily lives.

Please, always feel free to contact me via e-mail at  ask@allspeciesnurse.com if you would like to publish an article. Also, if anyone finds a broken link on this page, please feel free to inform me, as we all know URL's are updated frequently, but not all distributers of these significant articles are informed.

Special thanks to the writer for "Assisted Living Today."
Big shout out to her!

Please explore the "Assiting Living Today" websites, as they contain relevant information all can identify with. You can locate this link at: www.assistedlivingtoday.com .
Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.
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