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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Micro-Swelling, TePoemä® products

What is Micro-Swelling?

Your skin is exposed to outside insults every day - pollution, sun, smoke, and wind. Each time your skin comes into contact with one of these insults, it tries to protect itself. The result of this is called micro-swelling. The signs of micro-swelling are not immediately obvious but it can lead to puffy eyes, sunburn, or other challenges.

At first, your skin returns to its natural state after being exposed to these irritants. Over time though, the skin loses its ability to return to its original condition. It's much the same as blowing up a balloon time and time again.
Results of micro-swelling can be seen as:
• Lines and wrinkles
• Skin discoloration
• Loss of supple firmness
• Under eyes circles and puffiness

TePoemä® Cleansing Gel is a gentle skin cleanser that uses the amazing qualities of noni fruit juice, kelp, seaweed,and moringa seed, to gently remove impurities from your skin surface. Tahitians have used seaweed to purify and beautify their skin for hundreds of years. Island Natives used the juice from fresh seaweed to cleanse their skin. Considering modern stresses & insults, combination skin needs to be cleansed below the surface level while controlling excess sebum.

TePoemä® Equalizing Toner is a soft skin freshening tonic that uses noni leaf and fruit juice, noni leaf extract, noni seed oil, and other tropical oils to balance your skin and curb the effects of micro-swelling. This gentle skin freshening toner provides important micro nutrients and minerals; balances pH levels and protects against micro swelling. Creates the perfect environment to treat, hydrate and protect skin. Outside insults steal important minerals and nutrients from skin creating imbalances and micro-swelling issues.

TePoemä® Hydrating Lotion is a non-oily, light moisturizer lotion with a combination of noni leaf extract, noni juice, kelp, and banana flower, to provide hydration and protection for your skin. Tahitians used healing oils to provide deep hydration and protection when they dove for black pearls. These essential oils and extracts provide hydration and helps build the skins natural defense system. White lily provides antioxidant protection while Banana Flowers improve the appearance of skin. Combination or oily skin is another sign of an imbalance. It needs balanced, light moisture throughout the day that won’t make acne-prone skin breakout.

TePoemä® Creamy Moisturizer is a cream that combines the protective and reparative benefits of noni leaf and fruit juice, noni leaf extract, and noni seed oil to help curb the effects of micro-swelling and retain moisture. Tahitians used Noni, Tamanu and Kukui to provide deep hydration and protection when deep sea diving for black pearls. Protect against micro-swelling, the first step in many negative skin issues. Help skin retain vital moisture, offer antioxidant protection and help rebuild skin's natural defense system. Use on dry, barrier compromised skin that shows signs of premature aging, thinning and poor circulation.

TePoemä® Youth Restore Serum is a serum for skin prone to micro-swelling. It renews the skin’s extracellular matrix with noni leaf and bamboo extract. These active complexes fortify the skin’s natural collagen and elastin levels. Hibiscus Seeds and Coconut have been shown to reduce expression lines and wrinkles naturally – without damaging acids. Noni Leaf helps curb micro-swelling often associated with premature skin aging. Repeated micro-swelling can leave skin with wrinkles and more pronounced expression lines. Use on sallow skin prone to wrinkling due to outside insults, aging and poor personal habits.

TePoemä® Skin Lightening Emulsion is made with the Tiare flower, which can brighten and even out skin tone. This light emulsion contains noni leaf juice and extract combined with nasturtium and lumiskin to brighten your skin. Designed to decrease the appearance skin discolorations including age spots, freckles and uneven pigmentation. Aging, micro-swelling and outside insults like sun exposure often discolor and/or darken skin. The result can be seen as age spots, freckles or uneven pigmentation.

TePoemä® Restorative Eye Essence is a light balm that combines kukui, macadamia, monoi, and moringa seed oils with the benefits of noni leaf extract and juice to fight active peptides and reduce dark circles and fine lines.The eye area is the most prone to repeated micro-swelling. The result can be seen as puffy, tired looking eyes. Over time fine lines and wrinkles accompany this repeated swelling. Dark circles of fluid trapped under the skin often show themselves.
TePoemä® Skin Renovation Cream repairs skin with noni leaf juice, noni leaf extract, noni fruit juice, and nutritive noni seed oil. Combined with kukui, monoi, tamanu, and macadamia nut oils to relieve and replenish skin.Tropical oils have been used for centuries to relax and reduce stress. Marine Flora and Bamboo improve the firmness, help lessen wrinkles and impart a healthy appearance. This rich cream also replaces lost minerals and essential elements for supple taut skin.

TePoemä® Skin Revealing Exfoliator combines bamboo, coconut, macadamia nuts, and pearl extracts into a rich creamy scrub combining the protective benefits of noni fruit extract and nutritive noni seed oil. This product is designed to gently remove dull or flaking skin to reveal the healthy skin beneath.

For more information, please refer to : www.tahitiannoni.com/cherylfaithe

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adie said...

100% natural Skin care TAMANU OILS & MONOI de TAHITI OILS that will not damage or harm your skin in any way.


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