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Monday, June 30, 2008

Support conservation efforts in the Galapagos

Shop to support research and raise funds for the Charles Darwin Foundation to ensure conservation success in the Galapagos Islands!!

To get involoved while you shop at Amazon.com, go to:

To learn more about the Galapagos and the Charles Darwin Foundation:

Thursday, June 5, 2008

What do pets have that humans can get and vise versa??

Let's set the record straight-what is it that people can animals can spread to each other?
How we need to understand better instead of placing blame on innocence.

It's always best to KEEP YOUR PET, especially if your health is failing!



People with HIV/AIDS

Health videos helping you ask the right questions!

For videos on all your health concerns, turn to the videos found on yahoo! These may help you ask essential questions to your health care provider!


Lymphoma, what you should know.

Do you know when to call a doctor??


Tell tail signs of stroke-video!

Are you familiar with the signs and symptoms of a stroke?
Would you know what to do if you were alone or with someone that are showing signs of a stroke? Hopefully, you'd know-when in doubt, ALWAYS call 911!

Please read the article and watch the video on strokes.

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